Dear you,
(whoever you may be)

I suppose I should tell you a little about myself. As a child, I grew up on and worked on a Nubian dairy goat farm in Edgefield, South Carolina. My family moved to Alaska when I was 13 years old. This was where I lived, went to college, and worked a number of odd jobs until I was 18. I now study anthropology, law, and theatre at the College of Charleston, in Charleston, South Carolina. The basics, right?

As a writer, you’ll find me often quiet, attemptively inquisitive, usually always incredibly friendly. As an artist and designer, you’ll find me with some varied amount of charcoal on my face or paint on my arms for the majority of our meetings. As a researcher and explorer, you may find me airheaded, off on another planet – in every situation, taken aback constantly by a world of constant stimuli. Not the of greatest images, I realize. Anyway –

I post some poetry, short fiction, artwork, and photography on this blog. I hope that you will find something about yourself, something to which you can draw comfort, hidden amongst the words and images. The artist’s statement…that’s what that thing before this sentence is supposed to be? Brutally soft, yes, it is. Now you’re getting to know me…

Thank you so much for visiting.

Peace and love, y’all.

Morgan Bradham