A Poem for 9/11

Thirteen years ago
My mother didn’t come to get me out of bed.
My father left work early
A reporter – his name I do not even know –
Shook the corners of our

The fire lit the sides of buildings.
The smoke bellowed.
It was so high.
I remember baffling over how high it was.

“People work up there?”

Some kind of evil

I thought.

A horrid black cloud.

Screaming people.
Running people.
People I had never met – I thought they were family anyway.
The mind of six-year-old

there are no strangers in war.

the mind of six-year-old.

“Is this normal?”

Well, I’m a full grown woman now.
But the girl who saw 9/11 on the television system

Is the same little girl who still remembers it today.

Is the same little girl

facing life daily

Still asking

Was part of the youngest generation who witnessed 9/11

on their television systems
across a nation.
a nation

now of other adults like me.
adults looking back on 9/11
still asking why.

God hearing them.
Adults facing life, politics – work, school, and family, – a background voice –

the voice of a child, as bellows through –

“Please explain to me, again – violence. What’s this about the greater good?”

the six-year-old girl
the six-year old girl whose family lost she’ll never meet.
will not leave me alone.


24 thoughts on “A Poem for 9/11

  1. Wendy

    9/11 is a moment that stood still in time for millions of us around the world and it continues with the recent sad events in Paris and Brussels. Thanks for following my blog brilliancewithin.com – You may like the recent poem I posted following the latest attack on Brussels. Thank goodness the world continues to unite against these atrocities..

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  4. angelsdreams828

    Breathtaking this poem. I remember that morning all to well wondering if my uncle was at the towers. He is now a retired NYC Fire Fighter who was off that unforgettable day out helping a friend finish his kitchen in Long Island, when I finally got a hold of him. So many lives lost so senselessly. And you was only six when this happened there were so many young people that lost a parent and a loved one. We will always remember that fateful day.


  5. Half and Half

    Reblogged this on Half and Half and commented:
    Only felt right to honor the fallen today. This was beautiful and a stark reminder that change can happen in an instant. Cherish the ones you love, and remember each day is a gift. Rest in peace to all those lost, and never forget the courage and bravery demonstrated thirteen years ago.



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