See a Love

Can you see a love?
A love powerful enough to bring the sun around.
Harness the waves and ride them into the horizon,
Grasp the very air around you and spit it back out as water.
A love powerful enough to change existence.
A love powerful enough to tell you all about unification

having been there all along.
having been going on right under your nose.

A love strong enough to change the course of history.
Travel back in time and speak to you in the tongues of kings,
Trudge forward into the future to ensure your safety.
A love strong enough to risk everything for the sake of peace.
A love strong enough to catch your breath

and exchange it for oxygen.
and suffocate itself.

A love mysterious enough to not look like love at all.
Twist the very foundation of its own reality,
Destroy the known and create a compatibility.
A love mysterious enough to operate on death.
A love mysterious to cast a spell on bridges burned

and dry up the river once flowing from underneath them.
and render bridges entirely pointless.


17 thoughts on “See a Love

  1. transformationearth

    Another beautiful expression of truth. It’s clear that you are writing from a place of deep understanding. Thank you for sharing with the world-it needs inspiration like this ❤️


  2. belleofamherst

    So very beautiful and moving. Its imagery takes you to a deep place where only the soul can see.
    And yes, I believe there IS a love such as this. It is rare, like a precious gem, and if you are fortunate enough to find it, you must tend to it lovingly to ensure its survival. The world will endeavor to rob you of its joy. Simply lovely! Marcella


  3. AmazinglyBrash

    I see Love with daily eyes because I avoid watching hate being listed as Life. I See Love because it’s more than a feeling, it’s a faith blinding sight, extending your vision further than the sound of two heart beating in sync. I See Love because too many people forget to Look Long enough to experience it and witness it’s peaceful power!!!! Beautiful piece it inspired me


  4. jeffurry76

    I really enjoyed this. I love literature in all it’s forms but if any aspect of my love has been neglected it would most certainly be poetry. In college it was the only portion of my English classes I dreaded. Don’t get me wrong we worked with and examined some of the greatest poets in history but alas I would have much rather been knee deep in some Gothic science fiction fantasy novel with ray guns and dragons alike. It’s the part of me that never quite grew up; my imagination. Had this and works like this been on the menu I believe I would have found the time far more enjoyable. As I said, I really enjoyed this. It’s hauntingly beautiful to me. Keep writing, and thank you for this glimpse of your soul. -jm



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