The Fox


He pounds the ground with softness and intent,
He is light as he goes,
He makes no noise,
And holds no boundary.
For as he goes hunting,
He hunts with cunningness

And valor.

His balance –

A pupil of the universe.

His theology is a fruit of nature.


13 thoughts on “The Fox

  1. One among Many

    Many words can describe your work. Beautiful. I especially like the first and last line. And every word in between. I also can not forget to mention the fox drawn on paper adds to your insight with nature. :)


  2. JC

    I love your sketch. your poem reminds me of a red fox I’ve seen cross my path a few times on my daily walks. He is there to deliver a message, this trickster, for he is of the universe. Cross my path to trick me into awareness of something greater than myself.



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