There lies something within the heart
That spends its toil not on fancies or fame,
But rather, a process — from end to start.
Where are my consequences of action?
They rest in realities of things not needing explanation.
All that we have sewn in the past
Is now the process forging today’s situation.
A blemish — a confinement — a realization of truth —
There lies within the deepest corridors of questioning
A freedom that bears for itself all defense of proof.
There lies something within the heart
That spends its toil not on fancies or fame.
It does not want them, and for their elimination, feels no shame.


14 thoughts on “Choice

  1. jgarrott

    I was starting to write about “sewn” and “sown,” when I noticed the comments above. Either way, it’s very thought-provoking. By the way, welcome to Virtual Vitamins. May my words bless you, as I’m sure your words will bless many.


  2. Sabiscuit

    I enjoyed the classic style. The verse itself presents a timeless reflection on integrity. What matters in life is the stuff you can’t quantify or control. The things you can’t pursue but which pursue you and stay, regardless of the blemishes.


    1. Morgan Bradham Post author

      Hi! Thank you, firstly, so much for your very kind words. I think the word “sown” and “sewn” can be used interchangeably for their use in this line. I had been doing a lot of quilting recently and wanted to refer to the things we have done in the past as an action that binds and holds, sort of like sewing. I think using an analogy of sowing is also just as valuable and accurate.



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