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Concept Artwork: Charcoal Sketches Sample

*Vine charcoal and compressed charcoal, Bradham 2016.

Untitled nostaleolistitec, 1.3

i’ve seldom heard of good writing


or picture painted
off not of wine but pure


i’ve seldom heard of good men
deemed perfect

by society;


not corrupted
in some way.

What It’s Like to Live in Charleston


The air is not crisp but can tell you still
Of the rouse which may hide behind
The commons and the barren ground
That of the one we may now touch all around.
And with not superstition, but rather
The cough of an older father
Understand finally on a deeper fathom
What it’s like to live in Charleston.

On Daemons and Angels

*photo by Morgan Bradham, 2016.

Lo lust the keeper of spites so high,
But death a foot gate by which I reach the other side.
Lo time and time again,
By every seconds’ spurt the continence of all days.
Lo thou timing of perfection determined by angels not,
But rather the correspondence of such and their god.