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Homesickness Romance


Thy power scares me not as it should,
Realities escaping from cranial binds;
Fantasies seeking not to be existing only in theory;
A longing heart doest bind.
A frozen spring,
Of course in your mind.

Soul Stare

When I look into your eyes I see
My own eyes staring back at me
And I wonder in bewilderment
How very spiritual and singular
The opportunity must be
To stare into a soul
You understand rather than it
A total and complete

Star Dance

Imagine if the stars were


and they fell down from the

onto earth

And we stood

at night

and we danced.

Coming down –

on strings
of joy –

falling like the rain.
they never ended
they just stayed coming –

This is like my love for you.
It is love




The star dance;
The heavens.
The universe makes exceptions

for believers.

Ones and Twos

We go by ones and twos,
We go by songs and blues.
Where we go we go in twos.
There’s me and there’s you.

Where we go and what we do –
I want it to be one.
You want it to be two.

You like the things not me.
You like the silent gloat.
The deeds beside –
Hover us both.

There are many things that make me crazy about you,
But only one you.
You go by twos.
I go by ones.

I do love you.

I lose.