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Concept Artwork: Charcoal Sketches Sample

*Vine charcoal and compressed charcoal, Bradham 2016.

The Woodpecker

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I’m listening to you
Woodpecker, but I don’t think
You know I can hear you.
I’m listening to you
Woodpecker; I really love to hear you
Take your heart and put it
Out on the line of the trees and such and sing
Your song
Up all the afternoon long;
Now sing to me Woodpecker
Even though you don’t know I can hear you.

The Fox


He pounds the ground with softness and intent,
He is light as he goes,
He makes no noise,
And holds no boundary.
For as he goes hunting,
He hunts with cunningness

And valor.

His balance –

A pupil of the universe.

His theology is a fruit of nature.